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Five precautions for installation of zinc steel fence on stairs

Announcer: DELIFA    Time: 2021-6-22 8:39:06

Man must be like a star in the sky, always clearly seeing the flames of all hopes and wishes, and burning the flames on the ground forever. In this issue, I will explain to you some attention points about the installation of zinc steel fences on stairs. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

1. The installation of zinc-steel fence stairs should be firm and not loose, and the impact resistance should meet the national construction standards. Bridge guardrail refers to the guardrail installed on the bridge. Its purpose is to prevent out-of-control vehicles from getting out of the bridge, and to prevent vehicles from breaking through, under-crossing, overpassing the bridge, and beautifying the bridge building.

Second, the height of the zinc steel fence is determined by the slope of the escalator. Generally, the step surface is about 900mm upwards, such as the slope is greater than 33°12"; the height of the handrail should be greater than 900mm. The socket-type connector used in the community guardrail can be installed. The installation speed is greatly improved. The universal connection makes it easy to install the guardrail on slopes or uneven ground at any angle and in different directions. It is harder than wood, more elastic than cast iron and has high impact resistance, and has a long service life. ;Municipal guardrails currently use iron guardrails or pvc guardrails, which are beautiful and practical. Suitable for small height and long distance isolation. Horizontally coiled ring reinforcing ribs, while the overall cost increases little, make the guardrail strength and beauty Significant increase is currently one of the most popular road isolation networks at home and abroad. Highway guardrails are important transportation infrastructures. China’s expressways have been developed since the 1980s, and they have an important impact on the development of the national economy and society. It is an important maintenance and safety guarantee facility for expressways. Now some highways use grassland fence nets, which are more sturdy, beautiful, economical and practical.
3. The distance between the vertical bars of the zinc steel fence should not be greater than 110mm, so as to prevent children from falling out of the zinc steel stair guardrail.

Fourth, the zinc steel fence is designed to prevent children from using it to climb and climb. Children's safety awareness is weak (explanation: thin but not strong), and everything must be based on children's safety.

5. When designing the zinc steel fence, there are two handrail tubes, one on the top and one in the middle of the guardrail, so that children or elderly people with limited mobility can be supported. This was not available in many designs before, but now many offices The decoration designer introduced this humanized design. The wall guardrail is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet to prevent the steel base material from rusting from the inside to the outside. And after degreasing, cleaning, surface conditioning, phosphating, spray washing, drying, powder spraying, curing and other processes. Anti-ultraviolet agents and antioxidants are added to the imported plastic powder to ensure that Jintang series guardrails have distinctive weather resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and long-term surface self-cleaning ability. The color is durable and bright, meeting the requirements of ten-year maintenance.

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