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What are the aspects of wrought iron fence that attract people to adopt?

Announcer: DELIFA    Time: 2021-7-8 17:21:23

Guardrails appear in many places, some of them appear in parks, some on roads, etc., no matter what kind of place they appear, their function is mainly for protection. There are many types of guardrails, their functions are different, and the materials are more diverse. Each of them can bring people different ways of using them. In the market, the use of iron fence is one of the more common fences, so what are the unique characteristics of this material fence? The following will explain some related content about the guardrail for everyone, so that more people have a clearer understanding of the guardrail.

1. What are the classifications of iron fences

Guardrails have different classifications in terms of materials and uses, so what are the classifications of wrought iron guardrails? If classified according to the use function of the guardrail, it can be divided into iron balconies, stairs, fences and anti-theft guardrails, etc.; according to the classification of the craft, it can be divided into forging iron art, casting, welding and assembling iron art, etc.; from the style above , Divided into European style and Chinese style, etc.; according to the practicality of the product, it is divided into home improvement, engineering construction, fence-type guardrail, etc., each of which has its own unique style and purpose.
Wrought iron fence
2. The correct maintenance method of iron fence

Iron guardrails are mainly made of iron. Because iron is used in a certain environment, it is necessary to have correct maintenance methods for iron objects in order to use them for a longer time. Avoid collisions as much as possible. If iron art products undergo a violent collision, they will deform and break; try to avoid installing them in a humid environment. The humid environment is prone to corrosion, etc., which will cause the product to appear rust and shorten the use. Time; try to avoid acid and alkali corrosion. If the guardrail is stained with acid-like substances, it should be rinsed with clean water in time, and then wiped dry with a cotton cloth.

3. Guardrail surface decoration

No matter what kind of material the guardrail is made through multiple processes, what is the decoration on the surface of the guardrail? For wrought iron guardrails, they need to be treated on the surface, so that a layer of protection can be provided to the guardrails. The more important process is to spray paint on the surface. Its function is to effectively prevent rust, better rust-proof and even It can be as long as twenty to fifty years.
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