How to deal with the fading of zinc steel guardrail

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Balcony guardrail is a beautification and protection facility for the outer edge of the balcony, which is welded or assembled from alloy pipes. Common types of balcony guardrails are: wrought iron balcony guardrail, aluminum alloy balcony guardrail, PVC guardrail and so on.

In daily life, the balcony often becomes a place where people pile up debris. Some sharp objects often scratch the paint on the surface of the balcony guardrail. After a long period of rain and wind, the guardrail will be rusty, and we often paint the rusty area. There are also certain methods for replenishing and patching up the paint, and the wrong method does not have much effect. We must prepare tools: sandpaper, brushes, bucket paint or spray paint. The paint should be anti-rust paint, polyester type topcoat, and paint at least twice.

Use sandpaper to smooth the rusty area to remove the rust and expose the smooth surface of the balcony guardrail. The first time you paint, you need to paint the rust-proof paint evenly. After the paint is dry, paint the second time. The second time you choose poly The ester type topcoat is also painted evenly. Pay attention to the smooth surface. When the paint dries up, you're done. If the balcony guardrail is seriously aging, you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Balcony guardrail is a transfer space between indoor and outdoor. Standing on the balcony, people can lean on the railing and look out, or they can dry clothes, plant flowers and grass, which adds a leisurely appeal to life. In the design of the balcony, the following four are mainly considered:

1. The floor of the inner balcony is the same as the floor of the room, which has the effect of expanding the space.
2. Balcony railings. The balcony ceiling supports a variety of practices. A grape ceiling, painted or patterned glass ceiling, decorative false beam ceiling, and so on. The area of the balcony is more than a few hours, and it can be supported without the ceiling according to the needs, so as to avoid downward pressure.
3. After sealing the balcony, the window that is most prone to water seepage, it is usually dead with cement in the space below the window that is delayed by 2 cm, and then filled in, it is best to seal it with a special foaming agent.
4. It is best to choose stone for window sill panels, because compared with wooden window sills, stone is waterproof, sun-proof and non-cracking.

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