Zinc steel fence process

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The technological process of zinc steel fence is a common question that many good friends will ask our editor recently. The editor will not say much and go straight to the topic: tell us about the technological process of zinc steel fence. If you are interested, you can bookmark this article and take time to read it in detail. Then follow the editor to learn about this article!

The zinc-steel fence is installed in a non-welded interspersed combination. The thickness of the base material is 2-3 times that of stainless steel. More than 500 colors are available. The surface is electrostatically sprayed with Akzo Nobel anti-oxidation powder imported from Europe to enhance the anti-oxidation of the fence. UV resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Here is an introduction to the technological process of the zinc steel fence.

Zinc steel fence process: zinc steel steel-correction-gold processing-surface finishing-high temperature pre-degreasing-high temperature degreasing-high temperature water rinsing-clean water rinsing-meter adjustment-zinc-rich phosphating-pure water spray-pure water twice Spray-cathodic electrophoresis-UF0 spray-UF1 spray-UF2 spray-pure water spray-electrophoresis curing-electrostatic powder spraying-powder curing-finished product assembly. The coating is divided into five layers: polyester color powder coating, cathodic electrophoresis layer, zinc-rich phosphate layer, hot-dip zinc layer, and zinc steel base layer.

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