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How should iron fences be maintained?

Announcer: DELIFA    Time: 2021-7-9 18:00:59

Because of the durability of iron fences, generally speaking, daily wear and tear can make it more and more antique charm. But this is not to say that iron fences can be left to nature and do not need maintenance. Iron fences usually do. It should be noted that this can make its service life longer. Today's iron fence manufacturers will talk about how iron fences should be maintained?

Wrought iron fence
Regular dust removal: The outdoor dust is flying and accumulating day by day, and there will be a layer of ups and downs on the wrought iron facilities. It will affect the color of the wrought iron guardrail and cause the damage of the wrought iron protective film. Therefore, the outdoor iron fence facilities should be wiped regularly, and it is generally better to wipe with soft cotton fabrics.

Pay attention to moisture prevention: If it is only the general outdoor air humidity, you can rest assured of the rust resistance of the iron fence. If it is foggy, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water droplets on the iron fence. If it is rainy, you should remove the water after the rain stops. Dry the beads.

Avoid bumps: This is the first thing to notice about iron art products. The iron art products should be handled with care during the handling; the place where the iron art products are placed should be the place where hard objects are not often touched; the ground where the iron art products are placed should also be kept It is flat, and the iron fence should be firm during installation. If it shakes unstable, it will deform the iron fence over time and affect the service life of the iron fence.

Eliminate rust: If the iron fence is rusted, do not use sandpaper to polish it on your own terms. If the rust is small and shallow, you can apply cotton yarn dipped in engine oil to the rust. Wait a while and wipe it with a cloth to remove the rust. If the rust has expanded and become heavier, you should ask the relevant technicians to repair it.
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