Points for Attention in Installation of Zinc Steel Balcony Guardrail

Announcer: DELIFA    Time: 2021-6-15 17:50:56

What problems should be avoided during installation of zinc steel guardrail? Please let us look at this problem!

1. Because the amount of overlapping fan frames is not appropriate; the zinc steel guardrail can be adjusted by the outer hexagon socket screw under the lower bearing support, and the hexagon socket screw side slant rod can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of correction.

2. The displacement or position of the glass pad and the sash glass are deformed due to gravity. The solution is based on the correct scientific method of reinstalling the gasket of the PVC guardrail. Sometimes some external damage is caused by the deformation of the window sash, which should be avoided. The deformation is due to the reinstallation of the installation, and in strict accordance with the correct operation method and standard specifications.

3. The diagonal deviation of the frame fan is too large, far exceeding the allowable deviation, which is mainly caused by cutting or welding. This kind of artificial adjustment has little effect, and the cut PVC guardrail needs to be redone.

4. The zinc steel guardrail is not up to the window, and it is most prone to use inferior hardware for doors and windows.

5. The zinc steel guardrail installation frame is installed obliquely. When it happens, there is no verticality check of the offline and walking windows to avoid the influence of errors.

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